Conestogo Park Square

Welcome to Conestogo Park Square, an innovative and sustainable new neighbourhood nestled around a central park that serves as the heart of our community.

About the Development

 8.45 acres (3.42 Ha) of outdoor public green spaces creating a unique and thriving neighbourhood that sets a new standard for modern, eco-conscious living.


65 Northfield Drive West Waterloo Ontario (Northfield Drive and Conestogo Road) 
The design and location of Conestogo Park Square favours pedestrian, cyclist and Light-Rail-Transit connections to the broader community.

1.3 million square feet (121,000 square metres) of retail and service commercial space within a 15-minute walk, and first phase construction will include a neighbourhood grocery store and a coffee/food café, residents can quickly access their daily needs.


LRT Stations

Conestoga Station

Along King Street North, Conestoga Station is the northern-most stop on the ION route.

LRT Stations

Northfield Station

The Northfield Station provides convenient access to the Waterloo Spur rail corridor.

Multi-use trail

Market Trail

Market Trail links the LRT Station and St Jacobs Market to the Health Valley and Mill Race trails, providing a scenic travel option.

Multi-use trail

Parkside Drive

Parkside Drive trail offers off-road cycling, integrated with the Laurel and Iron Horse Trails, enhancing the area’s active lifestyle options.

Harvest & Commerce

St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market

10-minute bike ride to the Farmers Market along the newly constructed Market Trail.

Harvest & Commerce

Retail Access

Hundreds of stores, restaurants, and services all within easy walking distance.


Sustainability is at the core of our vision. Our carefully planned and eco-friendly neighbourhood is designed to minimize our carbon footprint while maximizing the quality of life for our residents.

Geothermal Advantage

Utilizing the Earth's natural heat, our geothermal heat pump systems will deliver unmatched efficiency in both heating and cooling. As a renewable energy source, geothermal does not rely on any fossil fuels.

Solar Power

Solar power is incorporated as an eco-friendly energy source, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing carbon footprint.

Indoor Living Walls

Living walls are implemented indoors, serving both aesthetic and environmental benefits.

High-Efficiency LED Lighting

LED lighting is utilized to reduce electricity consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Eco-Friendly Commuting

Sustainable transportation options are facilitated, including Light Rail Transit (LRT), e-bike, and e-car sharing.

Charging Stations for E-Vehicles

Charging stations for electric vehicles are readily available, promoting the use of electric mobility and contributing to carbon emission reduction.

Public Spaces

Conestogo Park Square is a vibrant tapestry of public spaces that seamlessly blend with the rhythm of our residents’ lives. It’s a dynamic stage where people can connect, unwind, and create memories through various outdoor experiences.


Ha of

Public Spaces

With 8.45 acres (3.42 Ha) dedicated to public spaces Conestogo Park Square has an abundance of outdoor spaces designed for the diverse needs of our residents. Whether it’s picnicking with neighbours, playing with your children in the playground, or joining in community events, the central park serves as a hub of community life, where residents can connect, relax, and build lasting memories.

Diverse open spaces of different scales allow pedestrians to experience and move throughout the neighbourhood. The parking garage along the Conestoga Parkway blocks the impacts of  traffic and noise concerns were modeling shows the central park will experience noise levels equivalent to a quiet suburban neighbourhood.

Central Park

Meet Central Park, our privately-owned yet publicly accessible heart of the community. Situated thoughtfully within the neighbourhood, this contemporary urban playground boasts high-quality design and an array of recreational opportunities. It’s the ideal spot for a spontaneous picnic, a leisurely walk, or a delightful splash pad adventure.

Hydro Corridor

Say hello to the Hydro Corridor – our 0.87 hectare green makeover of an active transmission corridor. You’ll be navigating amidst biodiverse native plants and coexists peacefully with nature. It’s our tribute to harmonious urban living, beautifully bridging nature and city life.


Experience the freedom of rental living and enjoy the privileges of ownership without any hassles. Conestogo Park Square’s commitment is an exceptional residential experience delivered by a locally based ownership and management team. Our residents will enjoy access to a wide range of amenities and services that enhance their quality of life.


On-Site Management

Professional service team at hand


State of the Art Fitness

Revolutionary fitness and yoga studio


Co-Working Spaces

Lounge for work and collaboration


Private Outdoor Dining

BBQ stations for alfresco meals


Recreational Games Room

Recreational Games Room


24/7 Parcel Lockers

Automated lockers


Eco-Mobility Sharing

On-site E-car and E-bike availability


Pet-Friendly Services

On-site spa and dog park


We are ready to start construction as soon as city approvals are provided.

January 2021

Official Plan Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning Bylaw changes submitted to the City of Waterloo.

June 2021 

Public consultation with public meeting and presentation to City Council.

Past 24 months 

Extensive consultation with City planning team.

March 2023

Revised conceptual master plan submitted to the City with significant  enhancements to the public realm which incorporate comments from City of  Waterloo and other agencies.

October 2023

Council consideration


Phase One site plan and building permit approval.

Fall 2024

Phase one construction start.

We look forward to welcoming you to Waterloo’s newest community!

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress towards making Conestogo Park Square a reality!

Conestogo Park Square: an eco-conscious, resident-focused neighbourhood centred on fostering community interaction and promoting balanced living.